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Current Apparatus


Car 45

Car 45 is a 2021 Ford Police Interceptor Utility. This unit is assigned to the Fire Chief and is used to respond to emergencies. The rear cabinet of this unit is set up with radios and equipment to run an Incident Command Post.

Utility 45

Utility 45 is a 2017 Ford F-250. This unit is assigned to the Deputy Chief. It is also used for miscellaneous department duties and can carry equipment and supplies for the firehouse. Utility 45 is also used for transporting additional manpower to incidents, special events, and training classes.


Special Service 45

Special Service 45 is a 2007 Ford F-450 utility body pick up truck. It is primarily used for Hazardous Materials incidents and for traffic management at emergency scenes. It is also used to transport additional members to an emergency incident, special events, and training classes. This vehicle was purchased from the High Bridge Fire Department in 2016.

Tower Ladder 45

Tower 45 is a 2007 American LaFrance 100' Midmount Platform, it has a 2000gpm Hale pump, 300 gallon water tank, and carries 800' of 5" hose. Tower 45 has an 8kw hydraulic generator, scene lighting, power saws, ventilation fans, a Scott Eagle X Thermal Imaging Camera, and other essential truck equipment. Tower 45 is on the first alarm for structures in many surrounding communities. Tower 45 seats 6 firefighters.

Tower 45 is our primary response unit for our "high hazard" and low-rise buildings in town.

Engine 45

Engine 45 is a 2001 American LaFrance, it has a Hale 2250gpm Pump, 800 gallon tank, 1000' of 5" hose, and carries a gasoline powered portable pump. It also has a 10kw hydraulic generator, a light tower with 6000 watts of lighting and an electric ladder rack. Engine 45 handles water supply at fires and is a fill site engine for the West County Tender Task Force. Engine 45 has seating for 8 firefighters. 

Engine 45 is our primary response unit for the residential and business districts of town.

Squad 45

Squad 45 is a 2015 Pierce Arrow XT. It has a 2000gpm pump and carries 1000 gallons of water. The Squad also carries hydraulic vehicle extrication tools. This truck is also equipped with emergency medical equipment used by our Firefighers also trained as Emergency Medical Technicians. It is our primary first out apparatus to calls on the highway. The Squad also is the apparatus used for the NHFA "Station 51" Program and is staffed during our rotating 12 hour shifts between CFD and other local NHFA member departments. Squad 45 has seating for 8 firefighters.



Lulubelle was CFD's first mechanized engine. She's a 1926 American LaFrance pumper. Lulubelle is the pride and joy of the Clinton Fire Department. We proudly put her on display year after year at fire shows and parades, usually coming home with a trophy. She was refurbished in the late 1980's to her current state. In 2012 several CFD members overhauled the engine to ensure she will be running strong for years to come. Lulubelle still works as designed and was last pumped during a drill in 2021.

Retired Apparatus

Engine 45-61 - 1975 American LaFrance

Ladder 45-69 - 1987 Hahn Quint

Engine 45-62 - 1991 American LaFrance

Brush 45-81

Brush 45-82

Special Operations Trailer 45-82

Car 45-85

Car 45-86

Car 45-2

Special Service 45


Car 45-1

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